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My Design And Furnishing Philosophy

Marine, Commercial, and Residential



With 15 years of experience in the Fashion Design Industry, Brisbane's Fashion Designer, Daniela O'Sullivan, understands the importance of self-expression. 

It is her passion to journey with you. Designing your living space can be as integral as your wardrobe. 

Embarking into Furnishings and Bespoke products, DANDUSHA design, develop and deliver to residential, commercial, and marine spaces.  

Homeware Furnishings

We provide an open experience with our clients to ensure we can bring to life your home ideas

Marine Furnishings

We utilize fabrics and foams that are tailored for all marine interiors

Custom Foam Selections

We provide a large assortment of locally sourced foams to fit every occasion

DANDUSHA strives to bring you professional-grade accessories alongside well-experienced design services. So for our leather products, we have chosen world-renowned Packer Leather, established in 1891, to bring you a premium, sustainable outcome for the environment. 

"Fantastic service, quality workmanship and timely completion of the recovering of our outdoor lounge cushions"

Colin Mitchell, Wynnum, QLD.  January 2024

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